November Walk and December Foods

One day at the very end of November, I went over to Sheung Wan for brunch and a walk (little knowing less than half a year later I’d be living in that area, a very short walk from many of the places I saw). I started at Corner Kitchen Cafe on Hollywood Road. I chose Oeufs Meurette as my meal:


I was impressed with the flavour of the dish, which consisted of two hard boiled eggs in meurette sauce (a red wine and herb reduction), bacon, sautéed mushrooms, and parsley with two slightly toasted pieces of bread for dipping. My only reservation was that the eggs were not actually poached in the sauce, but added at the end – their flavor quotient was thereby reduced. Still, a great breakfast which I consumed with pleasure. Then, a walk.


I wandered some stairs and some back streets (Sheung Wan is really good at those, though where I walked may technically be called SoHo because it’s beyond Queen’s Road Central, which some – including Google Maps – say marks the southernmost border of Sheung Wan proper. In researching that, I found this website,, which marks all of what it considers Hong Kong’s neighborhoods. It’s definitely missing some; who wouldn’t remember to add Sai Ying Pun? Pretty cool though.)


I’ve collected more than a baker’s dozen months here but still sometimes the architecture makes me stop and think, photograph, stare, or a combination of the aforementioned options. I gradually wound my way up the hills and found myself at the Bonham Road entrance to the campus of the University of Hong Kong, which The Times Higher Education Supplement ranked 43rd amongst worldwide higher education providers in 2015 (yes, work is getting to me). I decided to have a look in their University Museum and Art Gallery (free, yay!)


Old art objects from China downstairs, installations in the foyer, and modern stuff upstairs. I was especially drawn to this piece which was inspired by the Umbrella Revolution protests still going on at that time all over central HK.


After leaving the gallery, I strolled around the campus for a while, thinking it wouldn’t be too bad to spend some time there. Oh Academia, I hear you calling me. As the sun set, I had worked my way along the campus’ length, further toward the hills and into a humble garden there.


Looking good. I wouldn’t have minded retiring to my graduate student housing and cooking a stir fry to eat while researching something in a journal article… But it was back to work the next day in busy, holiday-bedecked Causeway Bay. Did you plan that, taxis?


I don’t remember why I was up in Times Square, but I quite liked the pic I snapped. I was also enjoying taking the MTR around that time, as an opportunity to look at people’s winter wardrobe choices. A guy’s all-black with fir coat ensemble stood out and I liked covertly stealing this cellphone shot.


I kept on with a few shots here and there of what I enjoyed tasting in December. There are a few replays for images you’ve seen – recognize which? Roll over for caption.

As Lawford Anderson, who was my professor for GEOL 108 “Crisis of a Planet” would say, “Whoop whoop!”


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