Noviembre Comida

What are these lovelies? L to R, T to B:

Sunny side up egg on fried roti with curried garbanzo beans • Braai with cheesy potato, pork chops, and grilled onions • “California Roll” and salmon hand rolls • Buckwheat pancake with kimchi • Tagliatelle with asparagus, mushroom, and lox • Eggs Meurette from the lovely Corner Kitchen Cafe • Hong Kong style ham pie with eggplant, greenbean, and onion; Grimbergen • Polenta with mackerel and cold bean salad; sparkling white wine • H-Style nachos with avocado, fried taro, and sautéed green beans; Barefoot Chardonnay • Kimchi and tofu spicy garlic ramen • Coconut milk and tomato spiced catfish with peppers over rice • AppleTeaNi from a swank LKF bar • Crispy fish and chips • “Mexican” breakfast mishmash a la migas with pinto beans, avocado, cheese, tomato, and pepper • (middle) Ph Ga HK style with cooked lettuce • Sautéed Chinese kale and bacon with sesame-seed-mini-pita-and-egg sando • Grocery shop • Ph fixings


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