A Walk in Sheung Wan and Midlevels

After the Mid-Autumn Festival, it’s time to take a walk around the streets of Hong Kong. Many of the decorations remain, and the sky is perfect. One fluffy white cloud in a sea of blue. It’s hot, though. Still hot.


I wander along by the lesser-known Centre Street Escalators, as useful as their counterparts in Central Mid-Levels. These hills are steep! Along the way, I find a nice bottle shop called Soho Wines & Spirits, a spice shop, Spice Box Organics, and several restaurants I’ll want to return to, one of which (High Street Grill) I later successfully suggest to a friend for her birthday party.


Eventually, my steps take me back towards Central along Bonham Road. I enjoy the juxtaposition between old[ish] and new as I wind along.


Near PMQ (the old Police Married Quarters, now converted into a hip design market), I find an apartment building with an open lobby. It’s full of plants and sculpture, embracing its indoor-outdoor liminality.


Someone’s also done a trippy Owl Guardian piece on an abandoned door. It reminds me of San Francisco street art and I stop to snap a pic. Though somehow I don’t think these red pills indicate the door to Wonderland. Since then, I’ve noticed the little pills appearing on walls all over Hong Kong. Must be someone’s trademark.


Stopping in at PMQ for the first time, I explore the place and find many interesting stores and displays.


I tell myself I’ll be back, and it’s true – I’ve visited PMQ and brought friends several times since that day. It’s just such an interesting place, with its shoebox-sized shops selling everything from Hong Kong scenes screen printed in luminous colors and stretched over washbasins to make wall-mounted lamps, to Scandinavian-inspired furniture and bespoke fashion. There’s also art. Lots of art.


I love the big central courtyard with its glassed-in ceiling and festive lanterns.

gABTjeebQXR2UJMfujG4DAtRxQwHVkmVNVpWi1qSwcM XxnCSb5RE4wafbU7VN3xEZLdgCiOWN2gIFqD7w-jdmk

The afternoon light feels perfect in there.


There’s an excellent view from the balcony at PMQ too, out over the surrounding area.


I meet with a friend and snap a pic of a girl posing with street art outside our dinner spot.


The night ends perfectly, with a delicious veggie burger and a few beers at The Globe.

Veggie burger at The Globe


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