A Toast.

This is Monday morning, by virtue of the fact that it’s after midnight.

I have finished, and turned in, the last of my papers for this MA degree aside from my dissertation.


It was due on Friday at noon. It had pictures in it. In color. I was beaming when I turned it in.

The paper:             Keyword Density

kinbaku 96 (15%)
ritual 55 (9%)
japanese 48 (7%)
kink 42 (7%)
turner 41 (6%)
liminal 34 (5%)
performance 31 (5%)
rope 23 (4%)
liminoid 23 (4%)
between 22 (3%)

This weekend, I have been relaxing, mostly. Taking it ‘easy’ after working so hard for so many days in a row to get my papers in on the 7th and the 17th.

Now it’s time to focus on the dissertation and figure out what I’m going to do come September.

I’d say ‘wish me luck’ but I don’t need luck. I need hard work, drive, passion, intellect, and strength. Good thing I have those.

(Current music: Inner Universe, Enigma TNG Remix, from Ghost in the Shell.)


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