Red Bus

Yesterday I handed in one of the two essays that have been hanging like dark (if enticing) clouds over me for longer than a while now. It’s about Annie Sprinkle and a reading of her career as radical, focusing on two of her pieces: Public Cervix Announcement and The Legend of the Ancient Sacred Prostitute.

On the 17th, I will hand in another paper. It will be about the performance of kinbaku  and its connections to ritual via concepts of the liminal/liminoid.

There are 10 books on my desk; 19 tabs in my browser, 3 MS Word docs, and 2 PDFs on my desktop. My mind feels a lot like my desk and desktop: too many books and tabs open, but handling it. Desk isn’t collapsing under the weight, browser isn’t crashing, brain is functional. It’s a lot to manage, but I’m doing fine.

In addition, I feel good about the lovely progress my partner and I are making in our relationship at the moment. That’s a very nice thing to feel in the midst of this academic stress. And I take time to enjoy the small things, to practice joy, and to cultivate a sense of wonder.

Snapped this pic a few nights ago, on my way to take a study break over a half-pint with some friends at a local watering hole. Felt great to be in London and to be at Goldsmiths.



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